Our Events:

Since 2010 Onezumi Events has been producing world-class events in the Maryland, USA area.

Baltimore's Harry Potter Conventiion
PotterVerse: Baltimore’s Harry Potter Fan Convention:

- Founded in 2016.
- The event went viral immediately and was shared over 56,000 times in 3 hours.

(Re)Generation Who: The Doctor Who Convention for Every Generation: Baltimore, Maryland, USA:

- Founded in 2015.
- The event’s first year broke expected attendance records, received unprecedented media coverage from the press, and rave reviews from the fans and guests. It’s been upward every year since.
- The Baltimore Sun named (Re)Gen the “Hottest Event of the Year” multiple years in a row.
- Click here for the Press Archive.

Intervention: The Intersection of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Future Media: Rockville, Maryland USA:

- Founded in 2010.
- This Sci-Fi / Fantasy event received significant media coverage and celebrity support due to it’s innovative programming that elevated the arts and technology in our communities.
- Raised the bar for how conventions operate; produced several optimizations that were shared with the con community.
- Click here for the Press Archive.

Who We Are:

Onezumi Events is a different type of pop culture event organization that is firmly rooted in the community. We were croundfunded in 2010 on Oni’s popular OnezumiVerse.com blog without using any sort of 3rd party fundraising site. We like it best when we have the opportunity to utilize what we do to elevate the arts and education in our communities.

Our events provide on the job training, mentoring, and references for our volunteer staff. We also work with local organizations that serve our Veterans and folks in our community who could use some magic in their lives.

Our positive message and ethical actions were, are, and will always be the foundation for the great atmosphere that sets us apart.

It’s the entire point of why we do this.

Oni Durant:
NOTE: Oni Durant is one of the founders of the company, but has recently left to pursue other opportunities.

Oni Hartstein

Oni Durant

Oni Durant is a highly-acclaimed artist, marketing professional, and entrepreneur based in central New Jersey. She is the founder and CEO of Onezumi Events, Inc which is best known for producing Intervention: The Intersection of Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Future Media and (Re)Generation Who: The Doctor Who Convention for Every Generation. Both of these events were 100% independently crowdfunded by Oni which has led her marketing abilities and influential presence to be described as “Gandalf-level”.

All of Oni’s events are rooted in inclusiveness of all genders and cultures as well as empowering indie artists and musicians. Oni is an expert and leader when it comes to building and marketing emotionally-resonant creative communities and businesses from the ground up with minimal resources.

She is a sought-after freelance marketing professional and acclaimed speaker on the topics of Marketing, Tech, Crowdfunding, Event Production, and Indie Art. Her popular OnezumiVerse blog is a backstage window into her somewhat bizarre life, art projects, and travels.

Oni has been frequently featured in many places such as CNN, Wired, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and a ton of print, radio, and TV media. She loves coffee, immersive theater, heavy metal, prog rock, and Disney. She believes that either “Escape from New York” or “Big Trouble in Little China” is the best Chick Flick ever.

You can hire her to consult on your project or speak at your event. Contact her to discuss the specifics.

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James Harknell:


James Harknell (L), Oni Hartstein (R)

James Harknell (L), Oni Durant (R)

James Harknell is the quieter half of the Onezumi Events leadership team. He is best known for his production work and writing on all Onezumi Studios properties and websites. He supports the creative community through his WordPress Plugin development and workshops. Harknell is co-founder of Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity and (Re)Generation Who: The Doctor Who Convention for Every Generation. He has been able to inspire countless people to take charge of their future through technology.

Harknell lives in New Jersey with way too computers and cups of coffee.